Leadership & Faith Formation

The National Council of Churches Christian Education work traces its roots to the formation of the American Sunday School Association in 1824. The NCC's Christian Education predecessor became a charter member of the International Council of Religious Education in 1922 and was a founding member of the National Council of Churches in 1950.

A key component of the NCC's Christian Education work is the convening of NCC member communions and partners at the Education and Leadership Formation Convening Table. It is in this forum that work in diverse areas of education ministry is accomplished together.

Throughout its history, the NCC's Christian Education ministry has focused on leadership and faith formation and has incorporated in its work congregational Christian education, higher education, ministry concerns and biblical translation. Two ways this has been manifest in the life of the NCC is through the Committee on the Uniform Series and the Bible Translation and Utilization Advisory Committee

Committee on the Uniform Series

The Committee on the Uniform Series (CUS) and its predecessors have been guiding Christian education for over 140 years. Today, CUS includes members from a wide variety of denominations. Its Sunday School and Bible study materials are used by a wide spectrum of publishers from traditional NCC member communions to independent churches and publishers. Through the use of CUS materials, churches around the world study scripture together.

Bible Translation and Utilization

Through the Bible Translation and Utilization Advisory Committee (BTU), the NCC has remained the single most important authority in the work of translating and promoting the use of the Bible. The NCC owns the copyright to both the NRSV and RSV versions of the Bible. The BTU meets regularly to examine new developments in the areas of scholarship, archeology, hermeneutics, and language usage to ensure that the Bible remains as relevant and accurate as possible for today’s readers.


Staff: Dr. Joseph Crockett, Associate General Secretary, Education and Leadership Ministries, 914-433-0460