Local and Regional Ecumenical and Interfaith Communities

This online directory helps to make visible the many ways that Christians of all kinds pray, live, and act together in towns, cities, and states across the nation, often working with interfaith partners on matters of common concern. All of these local and regional ecumenical and interfaith communities are valued partners of the National Council of Churches. More about local and regional ecumenism.

The basic directory below, while comprehensive, is not a complete list. Please send additions and corrections to [email protected].


Alaska Christian Conference

Arizona Ecumenical Council

Interfaith Arkansas

California Council of Churches

Colorado Council of Churches

  • Interfaith Council of Boulder

Christian Conference of Connecticut

The Christian Council of Delaware and Maryland's Eastern Shore

District of Columbia

Florida Council of Churches

Georgia Christian Council

The Interfaith Alliance Hawai'i


  • The Regional Council for Christian Ministry (Idaho Falls)

Illinois Conference of Churches

Indiana Partners for Christian Unity & Mission


Kansas Ecumenical Ministries

Kentucky Council of Churches



Louisiana Interchurch Conference

Maine Council of Churches


Massachusetts Council of Churches


Minnesota Council of Churches

Mississippi Religious Leadership Conference


Montana Association of Churches

Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska

Religious Alliance in Nevada

New Hampshire Council of Churches

New Jersey Council of Churches

New Mexico Conference of Churches

New York State Council of Churches

North Carolina Council of Churches

North Dakota Conference of Churches

Ohio Council of Churches

Oklahoma Conference of Churches

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Pennsylvania Council of Churches

Rhode Island State Council of Churches

South Carolina Christian Action Council, Inc.

Association of Christian Churches of South Dakota

Tennessee Association of Churches



Vermont Ecumenical Council & Bible Society

Virginia Council of Churches


West Virginia Council of Churches

Wisconsin Council of Churches

Wyoming Association of Churches