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January 8, 2021

Our faith instructs us to take seriously positions of leadership, not to lead others astray and to be careful about what we say and do. In Philippians 2:3-4 we are taught to, “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than yourselves.Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.”

President Donald J. Trump’s actions and words have endangered the security of the country and its institutions of government by inciting a violent, deadly, seditious mob attack at the U.S. Capitol. His words and actions have placed the lives of the people he is supposed to serve in grave danger to advance his own interests. Further, he not only failed to stop or condemn the attack after the Capitol had been stormed but instead encouraged the mob by calling them patriots. This domestic terrorist attack resulted in at least five deaths, including a Capitol Police Officer, and more than a dozen police officers injured. The desecration of the Capitol building was also disgraceful and reprehensible. 

For the good of the nation, so that we might end the current horror and prepare the way for binding up the nation’s wounds, we, as leaders of the member communions of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC), believe the time has come for the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, to resign his position immediately. If he is unwilling to resign, we urge you to exercise the options provided by our democratic system.

In addition, we recognize the need to hold responsible not only those who invaded the Capitol, but also those who supported and/or promoted the President’s false claims about the election, or made their own false accusations. 

We grieve for our country at this difficult time and continue to pray for the safety and security, and ultimately the healing of our nation. Holding those who have abused their power and participated in these immoral and tragic actions accountable, in particular the President of the United States, is one step toward healing.


Jim Winkler, General Secretary and President, National Council of Churches

Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer, General Minister and President, United Church of Christ and Chair, National Council of Churches Governing Board

Bishop W. Darin Moore, Presiding Bishop, AME Zion Church and Immediate Past Chair, National Council of Churches

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and Vice Chair, National Council of Churches

Rev. Teresa Hord Owens, General Minister and President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Rev. Dr. Néstor Gómez, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Rev. Paula Clayton Dempsey, Director of Partnership Relations, Alliance of Baptists

Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, Presiding Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate, The Episcopal Church

Senior Bishop Lawrence Reddick, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Bishop Sally Dyck, Ecumenical Officer of the Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church

Rev. Dr. Jean Hawxhurst, Ecumenical Staff Officer, The United Methodist Church

Rev. Eddy Alemán, General Secretary, Reformed Church in America

Rev. Jane Siebert, President, Swedenborgian Church of North America

His Eminence Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, Ecumenical Director and Diocesan Legate, The Armenian Church, Eastern Diocese of America

Dr. Kimberly Brooks, African Methodist Episcopal Church

Rev. Richard Tafel, Swedenborgian Church

Carole Collins, Director of Operation, Alliance of Baptists

Reverend Brenda Girton-Mitchell, Progressive National Baptist Convention

Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Chair, Conference of National Black Churches

Stephen M. Veazey, President (Head of Communion), Community of Christ

His Grace Mar Awa Royel, Bishop of California and Secretary of the Holy Synod, Assyrian Church of the East

Bishop Francis Krebs, Presiding Bishop, Ecumenical Catholic Communion

Rev. Dr. James Herbert Nelson II, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Presbyterian Church (USA)

Support the Statement Calling for Removal of the President, Add your name to endorse the open letter sent by Christian leaders who are part of the National Council of Churches to Vice President Pence and Congress to call for the removal of the President AT THIS LINK.

Signatures (as of 1/26/2021):

Rock Fremont Jr.
Janné Grover
Barbara Carter
H. Laird
Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook
Jessica Crist
Pius Charles Murray
Lois Lehman
Julian Hall
Lorraine Hover
J. Todd
Wendy Witt
Victoria Moore
Robert Logan
Cynthia Griffiths
Donald Ng
Sarah Bennett
Helen Dukes
Robert Eller
William Stokes
David Ngong
Sue Edison-Swift
Peggy Taylor
Charles Fredrickson
Lee Wolff
Damon Laaker
Aundreia Alexander
Robert Welsh
Linda Drescher
Leslie Copeland-Tune
Tammy Wiens
Joshua Krenz
Courtney Zellers
Julia Noblitt
Victoria Pretti
Sela Finau
Paul Tomkiel
Nancy Gable
Annette Bassett
Bonnie McCubbin
Joseph Perdue
Jessica Markusen
Regina Carragher
Elizabeth Jennings
Kimberly Allemand
Juli Prentice
Laura Norvell
Chuck DeGroat
David Feller
Alicia Anderson
Shannon Sullivan
Erin Jones
Kathleen Fullmer
Terri McMurdy
Joelle Colville-Hanson
Allison Burns-LaGreca
Timothy Kobler
Jessica McClure Archer
Hans Paul
William Hamilton Jr.
Carolyn Goings
Susan Salomone
Heather Moore
Rose Hassan
Mary Roberts
Norma Lindsey
Reginald Udouj Jr
Cynthia Burkert
Victoria Hamilton
William Campbell
Diane Kaufmann
Gary Gainer
Michael Holohan
Danielle Cox
Krista Paradiso
Rafael Morales
Sarah Holloway
Kevin Strickland
Sharon McQueary
Margaret Clemons
Bradley Davis
Barbara VanderJagt
Allie Britton
Cheryl Mack
Lisa Milan
Dan Doering
Jennifer Schaefer
Ann Horgan
Antoinette Doyle
Melanie Fredericks
Carla Rossi
Angela Wells
Charissa Howe
Kathleen Murray
Le Anne Clausen de Montes
Bernice Lambkin
Jeff Dihel
Daniel Frayer-Griggs
Cindy Stallard
Mitzi Barker
Rebecca Ebb-Speese
Margaret Shepard
James Hemsath
Kristen Fournier
Janine Shearer
Sherri Parkinson
Paul Oldenburg
Nadia Kanhai
Erin Moore
Cynthia Belt
Stan Seagren
Bergen Eickhoff
Mark Olson
Jospeh Klinger
Alvin Riley, Jr.
Carol Bloom
Monica Holman
Becky Berdahl
Richard Blunt
Michelle McMullen
Kathryn Lohre
Emily Leight
Anita Warner
Diane Casey
Wolfgang Laudert
Lorrin Radzik
Joshua Evans
Emily Hunter
Kate Lore
Katie Evenbeck
David Radzik
Edward Richards
Jill Henning
Kelley Ketcham
Elizabeth Wineland
Jessica Dixon
Stephanie Anthony
Nicole Atkinson
Kathleen Dain
R. Guy Erwin
Susan Buchanan
Rachel Brown
Thomas Cox
Anne Edison-Albright
Beth Appel
Wendy Lowe
Elizabeth Grundy
Kimberly Vaughn
Beth Olson
Peter Rehwaldt
Shelley Hudspath
Ashley Birk
Sarah Ross
Belinda Curry
Marian Group
Katy Stenta
Arlyn Tolzmann
Barbara Prevost
Gloria Hopewell
Lisa Martin
Lara Martin
Anna Hall
Eric Miller
Pat Roller
Rickey Tate
Katherine Cole
Kathleen Hurty
Ainsley Herrick
Janet McAdams
Casey Callanan
Stewart Lucas
Thomas von Fischer
Colleen Ferron
Mimi Lane
Lisa Butler
Lori Knight-Whitehouse
Elizabeth Milford
Joshua Toufar
Kathleen McKenzie
Andrew Tucker
Sara Macdonald
Harry Allagree
Robin DeAngelis
Jenna Couch
Susan Atkinson
Debra Roberts
Alison Haugerud
Howard Barto
Kyle Johnson
Charlene Thomas
Joan Conroy
Vernon Johnson
Dave Rohde
John Bergstrom
Stacey Midge
Beverly Markham
Laurel Hamilton
Michael Butler
Leslie Neugent
Marcy Campbell
Tami Hooker
Susan Buchanan
Amy Wuertz
Nancy Cope
Sandy Parsons
Allison Schmitt
John Weit
Russell Meyer
Beth Power
Lanny Westphal
Carolyn Ainsworth
Grant Mansfield
Brenda Matney-Hayes
Kathy Hale
Jon Nelson
Michele Sweeney
Fairy Caroland
Ronald Hartman
Elizabeth Sapala
Timothy Tutt
Shirley Guider
Christine Carlson
Susan Reeve
Jimmie Hawkins
Patricia West
David Muffett
Laura Meier
Kathy Clifford
Ellen Johnson-Price
Thomas Lovell
Judy Hinsch
Katy Grindberg
Deborah Geweke
Sandi Nolte
Catherine Koziatek
Nancy Poti
Douglas Olson
Sarah Juist
K. Russell Crouthamel
Rachel Kessler
Laura Batten-Carbaugh
Ronald Martin-Dent
Katherine Peiper
Susan Barnes
Judith Dwyer
Rebecca Ajer Frantz
Lindsey De Kruif
Donald Wrifht
Paula Clark
Julie Olson
Devin Dickinson
Patricia Mitchell
Bonny Dodson
Jane Dasher
Alliso Drake
Diane Brasie
Karen Cluts
Lindsay Hickman
Helen Phillips
Omar Gonzalez
Mark Bartusch
Gary Andrew Woodruff
Darlene Logue
Daniel Purtell
Priscilla ParisAustin
Diane Srutowski
Susan Alley
Suzanne Goodenberger
Laura Terasaki
Gertrudis Hunter
Paul Erickson
Michele Rogers
Peggy Lo
Anna Ernst
Martha Maier
A.J. Mealor
Paul Eldred
Deborah Packard
Katherine Osier
Angel Rivero
Kathy Muder
Robert Agnew
Susan Beil
Debra Collum
Travis Fisher-King
Terrance McKinley
Wilbert Miller
Beth Muse
Bethany Benz-Whittington
Jennifer Zahnow
Linda Kenworthy Reynolds
Dwight Blackstock
Deborah Koehler
April Baker
Diane King
Matthew Benz-Whittington
Matthew Schultz
Dawn Krown
Alexander Bard
Margaret Robey
Erik Kindem
Sarah Hooker
Gail Schilling
Shirley Doner
Jeffrey Schooley
Fred Harrell
David Seymour
Todd Jones
Kristen Opalinski
Christina Turner
Charlotte Crosby
Mark Perry
Mary Butler
Theresa Ast
Sandra Bentz
David Hoth
Charissa Bradstreet
Katey Schwind Williams
Zebulon Highben
Karen Kelly
Linda Evans
L Doll
Jasmine Smart
Molly MacGregor
Laura-Jane Corkran
Jennifer Baker-Trinity
John Paarlberg
Catherine Christman
Joy Weydert
Benjamin Morris
Mandy Sayers
Jennifer Vasquez
Diane Weaver
Betty Sachleben
Kristin Jackson
Bretton Hill
Felicia Thomas
Martha Bardwell
Elizabeth Bier
Cheryl Peck
Rhonda Jackson
Linda Snyder
Pfeifer Ron
Jilleann Snobar
Victoria Coates-Reimer
Connie Ziegler
Karen Eiler
Millicent Haase
Michael Hahn
Scott DeCaro
Jen Houser
Mairi Renwick
Rebecca Blair
Joan Curtis
Elizabeth Friedman
Sandy Decker
Martha Blenman
Shannon Trenton
Ellen Ayres
Tyler Marz
Elizabeth Spieth
Victor Fields
Paul Walker
Lisa Volker
Dolores Littleton
Barbara West
Gina Gile
Wendy Everett
Tom Martin
Elizabeth Riley
Jocelynn Hughes
Darius Butler, Sr.
Lynda Liston
Dixie Anders
Kate Drefke
Greg Farra
William McConnell
Karin Wright
Sameh Shaker
Danette Gunkelman
Jerry Wirtley
lynne castle
Katherine Kerr
Loren Boese
Marie Hull
Jill Martin
Beth Scriven
Aimee Crawford
Vicky Bartholomew
Jane Evans
Caroline McCall
Gregort Minnick
Evelyn Lennon
Daniel Andrus
Karen Pavlovcak
Carol Kriegler
Elizabeth Nance-Coker
Catherine Finnegan Grenier
Barbara Williams-Skinner
Catherine Knott
Ruth Sievert
Emma Neishloss
Katherine Saxbury
Sarah Welch-Pomerantz
Keith Spencer
JoAnne Sharp
Lisa Marie Little
Megan Russell
Ivey Barnes
Jean Murphy
Beverly Haines
Leslee Kirkconnell
Scott Richards
Margaret Paul
Janet Wittenmyet
Phyllis Kersten
Karen Chamis
Linda McCowen
Susan Oeffler
Jason Poole-Xiong
Terri Robertson
Susanna Muzzin
Geoff Sinibaldo
Joseph Haines
Mary Whalin
Colleen Erb
Andrew Tengwall
Debe Stieber
Kristina Reyes
Ryan Downing
Cynthia Keyser
Denise Keltz
David Swire
Susan Frickert
Jon Pavlovcak
Joan Armstrong
Julie Snortland
Barbara Powell
Mary Ballard
Carol Staffieri
Laura White
Melody Brink
Velma Grant
Kate Rupert
Sharon Wozencraft
Ivan Herman
William Petersen
Jack Balsley
Gary McCheyne
Theodore Cockley
Sylvia Myrvold
Merlyn Greene
Robert Sander
Sandra Ward
Paul Chalakani
Kyra Osmus
Aaron Saari
Margaret Padilla
Deanne Rohde
David Dethmers
Kristine Ertl
Jill Seagle
Shannan Vance-Ocampo
Paul Sannerud
Janet Thornton-Irvine
Mata Carlson
Nancy Mott
Brett Davis
Justin Thornburgh
Linda Eckert
Jeannette Holton
Andy Chambers
Patty Erickson
LaRana Skalicky
Samuel Christensen
Marlow Carrels
Nancy Schoep
Robert Ziebart
Sigrun Coffman
Kathleen Aasheim
Deneen Collins
Lori Alexander
Catherine Fuller
Martin Eldred
William Davnie III
Gwynn Lynch
Vickie Kintzel
Marjorie Funk-Pihl
Arvin Schoep
Kristen Anderson
Catherine Monroe
Raymond Lantz III
A. John Bischoff Jr.
Pam Robison
Breonna Roberts
Mindi Welton-Mitchell
Elizabeth Crawford
Mary Kvamme
Lori Herman
Cathryn Soenksen
Donald Van Antwerpen
Diana Palmentiero
Susan Takis
Paula Mehmel
Phyllis Earley
Elle Dowd
Katherine Baker
Katharine Steele
Jack Eggleston
Jason Cashing
Teresa Ingle
Melodie Long
Csrol Pagelsen
Katy Rigler
Elizabeth McKay
Katherine Beckett
Mary Foulke
Ruth Willbanks
Reg Richburg
James Brehler
Joseph McGarry
Steve Klemz
F. Karbum
Lawrence Moir
Angela Shannon
Rhonda Myers
Betsy Hooper
Heather Riggs
Matt Gaventa
Mihee Kim-Kort
Chad Johnson
Arlene Reed
Ruth Visser-Young
Gwain Mccree
Kristine Johnson
A. John Bischoff Jr.
Desiree Cataluna
Kay Barre
Linda Cutler
Jo Mead
Eric Anderson
D. Rebecca Dinovo
Dustin Wright
Lauren Muratore
Wiliam Poe
Alan Griffin
Anne Deneen
Matilde Moros
Elaine Ferguson
Julie Monnard
Lyndsey McCall-Gilliam
Elizabeth Tyrer
Heather Jones Butler
Sharon Janot
Jan Kwiatkowski
Daryn Stylianopoulos
John Polk
Karin Hejmanowski
Sharon Cook
Peter Baktis
Jennifer Butler
Kwame Pitts
Terry Richter
Adam Anderson
Susan Hohl
Mary Luti
Erika Foss
Joyce Miller
ChristineAnne Cowan
Ross Reddick
Karen Rupp
Barbara Thomas
Edward Slusser
Nic Mather
Sallie Taylor
Danielle DeNise
Valyn Metropoulos
Jeromey Howard
Noah Stansbury
Martha Nack
Renee Petersen
Debra Duhr
Dianne Covault
Judith Bloyd
Jennifer Stuart
Kathleen Trautwein
Heidi Torgerson
Stacey Tanner
Matthew Swaim
Thomas Smith
Kimberly Hester
Heather Sparkman
Sean Smith
Brian Rohde
Gracie Payne
Dan Wertz
Faith Bledsoe
Laura McKnight
Meriah Tigner
Alice Hoffman
Pat Bloom
Donald Bandy
Benjamin Post
William Gipson
Jane Thornton
Ellen Schoepf
Dawn Wilder
Lee Wollenberg
John Sosnowski
Andrea Johnson
Wendy McCormick
Evon Lloyd
Janell Blair
Tania Lafaille
Lynne Carver
Beth Scibienski
Janet Crimone
Adam White
Lisa Dietrich
Beth Horne
Anne Clark
Patrick Bell
David Slagle Peck
Pamela Smith
Cindy Bartley-Horn
Adolf Quast
Barbara Bair
Amy Mears
Lynne Dolan
John Clark
Nancy Wichmann
Rosemary Walter
Jason Derr
Scort Fritz
Ruth Boking
Jack Seymour
Ashton Roberts
Susan Herrmann
David Rinas
William Schram
Kenneth Hawes
Patricia Neel
Melinda Johnson
Ginny Matthews
Cindi Veldheer deyoung
Heidi Armstrong
Sherri Lynn Dunik
Cheryl Moore
Melanie Delaney
Nancy Rowland
Rachel Merritt
Cyla Nelson
Audrey Pedersen
Sandra Mogg
Benjamin Burton
Nelson Strobert
Beth O’Connor
Joy Omslaer
Virginia Birks
Linda Conyers
John Longworth
Jonathan Niketh
Beverly Bartlett
Karen Allamon
Diana Edis
Ryan Roberts, n/OLF
Cynthia Klein
Melissa DeRosia
Linda Stanbridge
Laura Barkley
Lynne Lasko
Ashley-Anne Masters
Margaret Crain
Sherri Mettler
D.J. Chatelaine
Christopher Gaule
Beth Bingham
Cody Maynus
Brittany Mangelson
Dana Klein
Sheila Freed
Paulette Alderfer
Andrew Birner
Julett Broadnax
Brennan Blue
Doris Gruening
Barry Hoff
Sue Allen
Helen Mehrkens
Daniel Skillman
William Knutson
Lizzie Weed
Joan Degnan
Janice Moore
Tammy Anderson
Alton Pollard III
Kathleen Waugh
Margaret Connor
April Pflueger
Andrea Curry
Janet DeVinney
Jay Mitchell
Glen Kluth
Laura Ring
Gayle Basten
Leslie Perotti
Jeff Brown, OLF
Carmen Goetschius
Ashlee Wiest-Laird
Marilyn Benedict
Breanna Illéné
James Kitchens
Robin Miller
Peter Perotti
Robert Sjolund
Philip Gardner
Andersen Voinovich
Loril Haek
Karl Biermann
Wanda Peterson
Donna Matteis
Kenneth Longfield
Lauren Peters
Daniel Hess
Linda McConnell
Bonnie Grimaldi
Kayla Bones
Vincent Kolb
Jill Reichert
Parker Johnson
Gethin Wied
Barbara Squires
Jill Reichert
Krystle Moraska, MSW
Kimberley Naten
Carol Keating
Mary Beth Hepp-Elam
MaryAnn Gleockner
Linda Hanus
Koren Gebben
Leah Schade
Rachel Anderson
Shari Seifert
Rebekah Hutto
Allison Unroe
Julie Higgs
Laura Csellak
William Taylor
Louise Carter
Roland Kunde
Lawrence Hart
Lexy Steinle
Robert Franek
Leslie Mahraun
Janice Ledford
Elizabeth Page
Sandra Terry
Jason Davis
J Hays
Bertram Johnson
Karen Stavins
Mim Eberly
Geoffrey DeVinney
Jeannie Himes
Deborah Butler
Michael Leisle
Jonathan Rundman
Eileen Pierce
Emily Holladay
Heather McIntyre
Elizabeth Yates
Cindy Reidland
Jiman Lee
Julie Yarborough
Bonnie Briscoe
Cheryl Trent
Kerra English
Steven Koski
Richard Barley
Jon Hoyme
Catherine Thomas
Marion Haynes-Weller
Mary Joarnt
Cheryl Lindsay
William Koenig
Hailey Malcolm
Linda Walz
Cynthia Pierce
Diane Engster
Kristin Lawrence
Miriam Lawrence Leupold
Margaret O’Malley
Jeff Hatteberg
Helen [email protected]
Debbie Hartfield
John Crede
Eric Biedermann
Jon Phillips
Jeremy Roseberry
Sandra Jones
Helen Templeton
Katelyn Rakotoarivelo
David Lower
Elizabeth Martin
Katherine Randall
Jerry Carpenter
Nelson Rabell González
Tom Wiles
Lenore Scales
Jessie Modderman
Eliza Jaremko
Andrew Scales
Marcia Romoser
Carol Wolf
Katherine Dillon
Lisa Clark
Bjorn Gustafson
Emily Peck-McClain
Adrienne Stricker
Dorothea Collins
Tom Lawrence
Margo Batha
Heidi Pramuk
Martha Johnson
Mark Jennings
Maddy Tyler
Marlyce Snyder
Denise Stone
Angel Rivera
Kyle Delhagen
Jo Nelson
Whitney Waller
Mary Catherine Young
David Stammerjohn
Heather Pratt
Brian Snyder
Nancy Hamm
Betty Birner
Brad Eubanks
Brynne Crowe
John Harris
Vikki Brogdon
LaDonna Thomas
Sarah Brouwer
Paul Wee
Amy Spagna
Deborah Ryan
Richard Kidd
Diana Seba
Luke Pepper
Julie Agee
John Taylor`
Shruti Kulkarni
Barbara Miller
Anne Harnack
Holly McHale
Micah Rayner
Lawrence Walters
Elaine Quincey
Hugh McDevitt
Laura Voorhees
Ann Mundhenk
Kate Dugan
Valori Sherer
Jim Wallis
Jamie Evans
Brian Dugan
Nancy Switzler
Daniel Ervin
Lynette Butler
Karen Hawkins
Nancy Weatherwax
Sue Budnick
Carol Waters
Kirk Hittinger
Jana Howson
Deborah Dihel
Lara Blackwood Pickrel
Susan Fleenor
Cheryl Winter
Alan Solmonson
James Erlandson
Leonard Tozier
Michael Meath
Joe Genau
Priscilla Clore
Allison Pool
Catherine Rieley-Goddard
Carl Teinert
Jeri-Lynne Bouterse
Tara Dively
Linda Harris
Tammy Long
Michael Gehrling
Adam Taylor
Denise McClanahan
David Heckler
Gregpry Desaulniers-Gagnon
Karen Bush
Ruth Sorenson-Prokosch
Allan Purtill
Richard Pryor
Anthony Green
Roger Long
Helga Bergthold
Rebecca Blake
Bonnie Johnson
Judith Guion-Utsler
Rita Wilson
Rebecca McClintock
Lyndsey Rodgers
Tracey Depasquale
Carmelo Santos
David Coffman
Arlene Gordon
Barbara Cressman
Kathy Hauge
Elizabeth Maxwell
Heidi Neumark
Mary Nelson
Bruce Macbeth
Elisabeth Pynn Himmelman
Sarah Gengler
Rachel Mastin
Charlene Nelson
Susanne Taylor
Betty Landis
Sherrie Hofmann
Kris Garlick
Michael Jones
Glenda Moreno-Aponte
Kristen Papson
Laura White
Quentin Chin
William Cressman, Jr
Colleen Cook
Mindy Makant
Catherine Schuyler
Dana Neuhauser
Monica Kennedy
Steven Gates
Amy Chatelaine
Chelsea Benham
Susan Verbrugge
Elizabeth Kearny
Brett Webb-Mitchell
Cathy Munsey-Ballou
Britt Cox
Valerie Sayler
Brian Joyce
Jessica Townsley
Betty Creamer
Katherine Keough
Jessica Paulsen
Ellen Peppler
Laura Stephens-Reed
Cynthia Blicher
Ryan Scott
Peter Smith
Jon Moore
Steven Woolley
Charisse Tucker
Nancy Stroud
Daphne Burt
Cynthia Hale
Kathleen Chatelaine
Margay Whitlock
Christopher Berry
Jason Schrader
Amy Miller
Heather Holland
Frances Koopmann
David Peters
Thomas Larson
Teri Baord
Michael Moore
Mark Parker
Jamie Darien
Lindsey Smith
Victoria Wood Parrish
Jennifer Oaks
Todd Tracy
Carl Gabrielson
Judy Gordon
Kelly Ryan
Jana Schofield
Dwinelva Zackery
Stewart Smith
Rose Duncan
Robert Darien
Charlott Williams
Regina Wolfe
Jamie Darien
Randall Creath
Nicole Berry
Angela Storer
David Herrmann
Martin Otto-Zimmann
Jill Bradway
Antoinette Anderson
Matthew Zemanick
Jamie Darien
Mary Crouse
Patricia Cushing
Duane Pederson
Jessica Wright
Caroline Carson
Dwain Lee
Richard Milton
Denise Smith
Roger Nichols
Cynthia Dorris
Ned Agler
Robert Darien
Susie Bjork
Lindsay Gottwald
Jillian Ross
Todd Leonard
Wendi Werner
Nancy Richardson
Nancy Walter
Douglas Cunningham
Jen Tyler
Mary Rawlinson
James Girvan
Donna Chavez
Peter Bredlau
Shirley Watts
Lisa Kipp
Caroline Wolstenholme
Eric Luedtke
Kevin Gregory
Julie Ebbesen
Frederick Raap
Geralyn Laurie
Francisco Betancourt, FCR
Heather Valosin
Roderick Hairston, M.A.
Patricia Harant
Carl Gann
Janice Locke
Kristin Dybdal
Amanda Mountain
Regina Bautista
Fabiola Ramos
Barbara Lundblad
Arlen Farley
Brenna Dykman
Stephanie Johnson, MDiv
Mark Lamothe
Lydia Muñoz
Sheila Dowdy
Brigette Weier
Richard Jones
Donna Wright
William Flippin, Jr.
Elise Forrester
Chase Danford
Barbara Baxter
Rebecca Schwandt
Karen Bernhardt
Ronald Jensen
David Petersen
Jackie Holland
Ronell Howard
Pam Debnekoff
Heather Jepsen
Richard Jenkins
Janet Blake
James Sudbrock
Kim Manion
Laura Strauss
David Viles
Betty Berghaus
K.C. Crema
Mary Krismunando
Diane Abell
John Black
Alicia Baker
Mally Baum
Linda Wheeler
Patricia Merrill
Rebecca Karnes
James Lawrence
Melinda Pupillo
Michael Kroona
Melissa Line
Jeanette Quick
Paula Brazile
Nora Percival
Mary Wolfe
David Ansley
Mary Lydic
Ann Sharkey
Edward Carll
Kate Bremer
David Weatherspoon
Scott Harris
Doug Griger
Adele Crawford
Linda Thorseth
Karen Criscella
Karen Stevensen
Beatriz Villabona
Sandra Olson Decker
Alexander Zuber
Rebecca Wirkkala
Philip Miller
Cheryl Holm
Joyce Walker
Marti Hatch
Randy Herrick
Mary Todd Peters
Caroline Dean
Stephanie Swanson
Alexis Fuller-Wright
Molly DeWitt
Royall Yount, Jr
Alexandra Rode
Sharon Smith
Martha Hesse
William Mains
Sandi Floria
Kayla Bonewell
Karin Dunker
Stephen Walters
Kimble Sorrells
Carolyn Price
Harry Campbe
Emma Jordan-Simpson
Terri Thorn
David Nelsestuen
Miriam Bartlett
Barbara Daniel
Lydia Posselt
Nancy Farrington
Gary Schulz
Margaret Folkemer
Elizabeth Belcher
Thomas Robinson
Mike and Joyce Darling
Amy Wiegert
Rebecca Schanely
Glenn Beard, Jr.
Ann Campbell
Michelle Rohrbaugh
Maynard Thorseth
Jocelyn Gardner Spencer
Dexter Kearny
Christine Higueria-Street
Karen Salter
Mel Foster
Phyllis Day
Anne Kellett
Kenneth Daniel
Brenda Martin
Faith D’Urbano
Michele Torrey
Lauren Schoeck
Steven Petty
Christopher Griffin
Erick Johnson
Mark Hanna
David Brown
Diane Olson
Castle Twete
Linda Wygant
Alan Peck
Stephen Sylvester
Day Pritchartt
Donald Warren
Gary Simpson
Karla Cruz
Jenaba Waggy
Priscilla Andre-Colton
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Linda Smith
Susan Laird
Josephine Smalley
Sarah Turner
Jon Heckerman
Karen Love
Paul Olson
Leigh Burgess
Maggie Goodwin
Van Hardison
Lynn Beal
Frank & Brenda Brown
Kyle Walker
Vinnetta Golphin-Wilkerson
William Gause
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Bonnie Cotton
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D. Pietz
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David Amundson
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Kathryn Morse
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Watson Jones III
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Martha Jolly
Terry Fyne
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Cedric Eilson
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J. Derek Harbin
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Sherman & Karen Schueler
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Paula & Doug Frank
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